When it comes to a brand's identity, I tend to be very observant and careful when designing in a particular style representative of that brand. This is something I did while designing this poster for Buzzcocks. I researched heavily about the punk scene during the late 1970’s and how its audience dressed and what they enjoyed.
I compiled everything I learned into this poster. I played around with a grungy, punk style texture and the appearance of torn paper to really relate the poster back to the 70’s. 
In addition to the poster, I designed a backstage all-access pass. I added more intrigue by introducing patterns within the typography presented. The back of the pass has a pattern of song lyrics from one of Buzzcocks’ more popular songs, Ever Fallen In Love With. I greatly enjoyed playing around with the typography on this pass and using it as a tool to create a pattern, rather than focusing on it being completely legible!
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