For the Spring 2020 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition Event at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte,
I chose the topic of Beekeeping. The bee population is declining and beekeepers are immensely valuable when approaching this problem. I designed three posters to help spread awareness about the significance of beekeepers and provide information on how anyone can help beekeepers replenish the bee population. 
I also created an Instagram account with multiple posts educating viewers on the importance of beekeeping and saving the bees. This Instagram account also provides the viewer with links to many resources with information about the bee population decline and ways to help from home. 
In addition, I designed an infographic magazine spread with examples of how to help beekeepers from home, including details about how to plant bee-friendly gardens and building bee hotels. My goal with these products
is to address the seriousness of this situation and bring attention to the many ways we can help beekeepers 
help bees!
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